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Why this; Why now?

Michelangelo of Cakes Academy was born out of a desire to teach others the joy of creative cake art and to share all that we have learned in our own baking adventures.

The name represents a philosophy that we’ve always had — Michelangelo of Cakes — was a name given to us by a customer.  It does represent us —-not because we feel as talented as Michelangelo, but because at age 87, Michelangelo himself said these words:

“Ancora Imparo” - which means, “Still, I’m learning.”  This is our philosophy — that no matter how much we’ve learned, WE. ARE. STILL. LEARNING.

This is why we wanted to start our cake academy—a place where like-minded bakers can have fun, enjoy learning from each other, and develop friendships around the joyous world of desserts.

Our first programs are our very popular buttercream flowers. We're adding new ones often, so be on the look out.  You will have unlimited access to go through them at your own pace.

We invite you to come along with us as we grow this dynamic community of fun-loving , creative group of like-minded folks!

Ellan & Ella

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