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About ChattyCupcakes

We are a Residential Bakery, offering fresh baked, made to order cakes, cupcake, cookies for free local pick-up, local delivery on all desserts, and nationwide shipping on many of our pastries and treats.

Our Story

Life Takes Sweet Turns...

How in the world did a unique cake company spring up out of nowhere?


A lifetime of preparation with many side roads.

My work as a Management Consultant required extensive travel in Europe and along the way, we developed a love of European baking and pastries.

My daughter, Ella, and I share many things...the love of stories and quotes and the love of good baking.  One day we thought, "wouldn't it be fun to combine great baking with!

From the start, we decided if we were going to do this, it had to be THAT good and we continually better our best, whether it's with recipes or cake designs.  


Our travels have given us a strong European influence in our baking.  We study the best--worldwide--looking for elegant, sophisticated baking styles  such as Sylvia Weinstock, Peggy Porschen, Konditor & Cook, Bea's of Bloomsbury, taking classes from popular bakeries in Europe. 


A lasting influence came from my grandmother -- Ella (whom Ella was named after), who emphasized that good baking isn't necessarily complicated, but rather it's important to consistently bake well, with deliberateness and patience. 

Ellan & Ella


Ella and Ellan, Owners, ChattyCupcakes
Ella Gannis, Winner of Cupcake Championship on Food Channel Network

Ella Gannis, owner and chief designer at ChattyCupcakes, started her confectionery adventures with her mother while a student at the University of Pittsburgh.


Growing up, Ella accompanied her mother on work assignments abroad and while traveling in Europe, they developed a love of European baking and pastries.   A conversation started a spark, “Wouldn’t it be fun to make the finest gourmet cupcakes and cakes?"


And so it began in 2014.

**2016  First Robotic Cupcake Vending Machine in US.

ChattyCupcakes took their business to the next level by getting the first ever customized Robotic Cupcake Machine and bringing to the US, built in Italy and transported to Pittsburgh PA.  Customers enjoyed traveling to the Cupcake Machine for the next seven years.


**2019:  Winner of Food Channel Network’s Cupcake Championship.

Ella was contacted in 2019 by producers from the Food Channel Network who had observed her work on social media, requesting her to participate in a cupcake competition show, “Cupcake Championship.”  After stressful baking competitions, she ultimately won with a $10,000 grand prize and was honored by her hometown with a designated “Ella Gannis Day” on August 3, 2019.

**2019: ChattyCupcakes rolled out their first Recipe Book, "Michelangelo of Cakes," sharing all their most popular recipes.  It is currently waiting for it's second printing.






Instagram & Facebook:  ChattyCupcakes

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