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Two Chatty Cakes

We make a lot of cakes, but we chose two Christmas Cakes to highlight this year--Home for Christmas and Red Velvet Rudolf.

"Home" is a traditional cake that we make a version of each year. Coming Home for Christmas is always a good feeling.

Red Velvet Rudolf is a delicious cake that was inspired by one simple, but very vivid, memory of my grandmother and her reindeer cookie cutter. She made Rudolf cookies each year and hand decorated each one (well before decorating cookies became popular). Oh how I remember that little red nose!

I used her cookie cutter for our Christmas cookies until last year when it finally broke. My replacement is a bit larger, but works perfectly because it reminds me of a beautiful memory of my oh so loving grandmother.

A confession: I still keep pieces of her original cookie cutter. She meant so much to me and I just like touching things she used in her baking. I hope whomever gets this cake at Christmas will look at that cookie reindeer and take a moment to relive a memory of someone special who touched your heart.

Who was the special soul that touched your heart?

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