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Seven BIG Chunky Cherry Pistachio Cookies


Our Tart Cherry Pistachio cookies are a delightful combination of sweet and nutty flavors. Each cookie is made with whole pistachio nuts and baked with indulgent Belgium white chocolate chips, creating a rich and creamy texture.


The addition of dried tart cherries adds a burst of tangy sweetness to each bite, while the center is filled with luscious Marasque cherry jam for an extra pop of fruity flavor.  Each uniquely baked in pastry rings to  give the perfect combination of crispy edges and soft center.


These cookies are perfect for any occasion, whether you're craving a midday treat or looking for a unique dessert to serve at your next gathering. Indulge in the decadent flavors of our Tart Cherry Pistachio cookies and experience a truly unforgettable taste sensation.

Tart Cherry Pistachio

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