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How Do You Show Love

Valentine's Day is coming up. Gets you thinking about loved ones...

Do soul mates really exist? Not sure...

But, if you're lucky enough to have a long, time-tested, through thick and thin-type relationship....well, you then know the wonderful comfort that comes with it.

No pretenses.

You both see the world from the same lens, agree when discussing current events, understand what your person is saying even when other's don't, learn from each other, and laugh at the same jokes.

Then on a personal note... how each other slept the night before, tend to each other's aches and ailments, and maybe most importantly, make the coffee just right in the mornings.

That's love.

Yes, there's more, but these are important things.


Good relationships are summed up as having one long, often robust conversation that ultimately enables each to grow together. Ed and I have had 40 years of an ongoing conversation about many things...and the coffee he brings me each morning is simply the best.


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