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Celebrating Change

We have loved our Cupcake Machine! It has been a uniquely wonderful way to deliver our cupcakes to customers. It has been our "storefront."

We were proud to be the first to bring it to the United States in 2017. Having literally searched the world for the perfect machine, we found a builder in Italy. After face timing, getting to know them, and building trust, we were grateful for the entire experience of bringing it across the ocean and home to Pittsburgh.

What a beauty it is! And what a fun component it has been to our baking business.

Baking daily and delivering fresh cupcakes and cakes to the machine has been our life for seven years. We will continue baking, delivering, and shipping orders to our customers. We are closing our Cupcake Machine, January 28th, 2024 will be the last day.


This year was our most popular year and it has made us think what we want to prioritize. While the Cupcake Machine put us on the map, it has also opened up many opportunities for us and it's time to move on.

Stay Tuned. We plan on being here.

Ellan & Ella


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