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Searched the World for the Best Brownies

In our travels, we often did necessary research looking for the best brownies. When we stopped at a bakery, they weren't our goto choice, but they would usually be an add-on to our order.

Most Brownies taste good--chocolatey and either cakey or gooey. It's a preference. But on a visit out in the eastern part of Pennsylvania, we stopped in a tiny bake shop and all they had left in their pastry case were brownies, so we purchased a couple.

They were delicious!

We studied each bite---what makes these so good? What ingredients?

It's not always easy to parse out the ingredients of a pastry or frosting, but then sometimes it is. In the case of these brownies, it was obvious--the essence of sweetened condensed milk! It gave the entire brownie another layer of deliciousness! Fudgy, moist, and delicious.

Of course our brownies are made with this ingredient, coupled with lots of Callebaut Chocolate. We put three popular flavors together to offer a Chocolate Brownie Trio.

We bake them in 5 x 7 tins. They are easy to freeze and when they come out and thaw, they are perfectly delicious!

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