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I Think We're Afraid...

We had a plan to start classes before Christmas, but we didn't make it. Our grand plans included teaching a class on how to make our Christmas Bulb Cupcakes.

Ella and I were always excited in our planning conversations--each individual would have 6 cupcakes and we would show how we make the detailed domes and then the design fun would begin. And we have all the good stuff to let creativity go--edible glitters, edible metallics, the airbrush paints, and deocrative edible beads.

We envisioned a festive room full of laughter and learning and oh how much fun it would be!!

But alas, we didn't think it through very well. We wanted the participants to take home their Christmas Cupcake masterpieces for their own celebrations, but our busy schedule has begun, working to fill orders and we woudn't have time to fit in a class this close to Christmas. .

And another thing. We are such perfectionists and would want things to go well. Ella and I took a class in London a few years back and while it was good, it wasn't great. Much of the first hour was talking about the life of the owner of the bakery -- with powerpoint slides. We wanted to get on with it! So for us, how it goes matters!

So, even though we didn't make it in 2023, we will definitely get classes up and running in 2024. We will get through the holidays and begin having our planning conversations again. And that part is even fun!

Ellan & Ella

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