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Family Time in the Family Business

Time is precious around our household, as I'm sure it is in yours.

Our days include lots of baking and we don't always manage our time well.

Baking, delivering, gathering ingredients, and cleaning leaves little time for normal activities. There are days that "what's for dinner" is a dread because who wants to think of that after a day in the baking world.

But today we've carved out a little bit of family time that we've been looking forward to--putting up the Christmas Tree! We've had the same tree for 48 years. Yes...forty-eight! We still remember the price--$19.99! Wow, how times have changed!

These next days leading up to Christmas will be busy but we hope you'll be able to carve out some family time as well.

Life seems so short and we're working hard to make the most of these special moments.

And if you have time, please show us your tree!

Ellan & Ella


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