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Did We Make A Mistake?

It wasn't an easy decision to sell our Cupcake Machine.

We were so proud to have brought it into the US, from being built in Italy. It was new, fun, and customers loved it. We had it for seven years and then made the decision to move on.

Did we make a mistake selling it?

Well, it wasn't an easy decision, but the easy answer for us, we didn't make a mistake.

We had dreams to realize and we needed the time to work on other things. Since we are a simple three man (2 women, 1 man) operation, it became too much to do all the background work to fill the machine daily. There is so much behind the scenes--ordering and stocking packaging, putting boxes together, baking & frosting cupcakes, placing each in a box, delivering to the Machine daily. Sounds simple, but this was a daily routine for seven years, on top of custom cakes, events, writing a recipe book, and rolling out new products {CakerTots, Chattycuteries, ChattyCookies, etc)

{{{Take a breath}}}

Now we have time to focus our efforts on what we've want to do.

As some of you may have noticed, we've started on-line cake design classes. The videos are listed in Programs on our website and as that list continues to grow, we are offering a subscription membership for our patrons to join and have free access to all online classes, recipes, and a new Secret Facebook Page (Shhhh). We want to showcase everyone's baking --attempts, lessons learned, fun recipes & designs, Q & A, and more--a place for every level of baker, cake designer, potential business owner to share ideas, tips, and tricks and ultimately foster a community of genuine support and friendship from newbies to pros.

Yes, ChattyCupcakes will still offer our cakes, cupcakes, & cookies, etc. for orders, and special events.

So as we build our baking community, we invite you will join us in our endeavor. One thing Ella and I have always said...we have the very best customers in the world and many friendships have been developed on our journey. We look forward to our journey together.

Ellan & Ella

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