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Bake Like a Pro


Our newly designed Baking Boxes have everything you need to make the finest specialty pastries & desserts.  We saw a need to serve the many excellent bakers, those who aspire to become better, and those who enjoy the joys of baking in their own kitchen.

Busy lives leaves no time to plan, gather, and execute all the steps to achieve a distinctive patisserie. From our kitchen to yours, we provide quality ingredients, kitchen tools, detailed instructions to enable bakers to enjoy baking in their own kitchen. 

Choose a subscription that fits your needs or gift asubscription to a rising star baker.

What Baking Box Subscriptions Offer:

Pure, Fresh, Natural Ingredients

Everything Needed to Start Baking

Perfect For Any Level Baker

Useful Kitchen Tools

Cost/Effective Baking

First Class Recipes

Healthier Desserts

Time Savings

Brings Family & Friends Together

To understand the serenity of baking beautiful deserts for your loved ones is to know that it is among the sweetest acts of love.

Perhaps you can recall waking up to the mouthwatering aromas permeating the walls of your home, tempting enough to draw you from your cozy bed into the warmth of the family kitchen.  Maybe memories, like me, of Grandma's kitchen--watching her meticulously and affectionately infuse a piece of her heart into each baked good, I learned that love tastes sweet and is best fresh from the oven.

Time is precious.  To bake specialty pastries can be both time-consuming and expensive--planning, shopping, purchasing costly ingredients that most likely won't be used again, seems daunting, exhausting, and tedious.  

We aspire to make your life sweeter and easier.  Every one of our baking boxes is filled with all the ingredients, step by step instructions, and practical kitchen tools.  

You will have the recipe and kitchen tools long after your first pastry comes out of the oven to enjoy again and again.

And then it will be love from your oven.

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