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"Strikingly Beautiful"  "Stunning" "The most beautiful cupcakes I've ever seen!"  - common feedback we receive about this beautiful box

12 Standard Size Cupcakes


The design of our Garden Party Cupcakes harkens back to a Victorian Era with subtle pastels and a variety of flower patterns made with our European ButterCream. Each "batch" of cupcakes is baked fresh and as they cool, we take time getting just the right tones and hues for the "victorian garden."  


We love taking time for the intricate designs of the Garden Cupcakes. Edible  pearls, luster dusted fondant flowers, and gold enhancements make the perfect accents to each cake.  Half Chocolate; Half Vanilla


Option: Standard Size 

Local Delivery Only & Free Pick-up

Garden Party - Buttercream

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Due to the detailed design, we offer two options for size:  Standard Size or Big Sized

    ChattyCupcakes "cakes" are baked in big sized cups (twice the size of standard cupcakes), and we offer them as a "mini cake" to our customers.  Most cupcakes are filled with Compote or Pastry Cream and have a variety of confections added on top of our European ButterCream.

    Because of the size, we offer two options for Local Delivery or Free Pick-up-- Box of Nine (9) or Box of Twelve (12).  

    While we recommend immediate consumption of our fresh baked Cupcakes, they  can be frozen for up to two months in an air tight container.  When serving, allow them to reach room temperature and your cupcake will be a delicious treat!

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