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Tools for the Faberge Easter Egg Cake & Cupcakes Class


Optional:  For your convenience, we have put all the tools together in one place for this class.  We thought it might be easier than for you to go out and try to find each one.  Here are the tools we have put together for you.


**Large Rose Tip

**Large Leaf TIp

**Small Star Tip

**Grass TIp

**Piping Bags

**Offset Spatula

**White Vanilla Fondant

**3 inch Cookie Cutter

**4 size blossom flower cutters


You may have some of the tools already and can go through the class with ease.  Either way, we want to make the class as easy as can be with all the baking tools at the ready.


For now, we buy the tools at the same retail price as you would, so the convenience we offer is to place altogether in one place so you can purchase them.  

Tools-Faberge Easter Egg Class

Excluding Sales Tax
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