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Eight (8) Chunky Chocolate Chip/Walnut  Cookies

Indulge in our newest creation, the Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie, now available to order for shipping or delivery!


Years back we saved a newpaper article talking about the origins of the Toll House Cookie.  The lady who made the cookies shared her recipe and we have kept it.  Now, we've taken our original Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie and elevated it to a whole new level with a special recipe we've been perfecting--filled with Callebaut Milk Chocolate Chips and you can add Chunks of English Walnuts.  


We challenge you to  try our Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Baked fresh the day we are sending out to you.  Filled with Belgium Milk and Dark Chocolate Chips, these cookies are the best cookie ever!


This cookie is the ultimate treat for any chocolate lover. They are the perfect treat to pick up, share with a friend for any time of day.


Try one today and taste the difference

Chunky Chocolate Chip

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our bakery offers convenient shipping options to get our delectable cookies delivered straight to your doorstep. For only $15, we'll ship your order from Monday through Thursday.


    We take pride in baking our cookies the same day they're shipped out, guaranteeing you'll receive them fresh and delicious. With our efficient shipping process, you can enjoy our homemade treats without ever having to leave your home.


    Place your order today and let us satisfy your sweet tooth with our scrumptious cookies.

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