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Where Have all the Good Pies Gone?

Okay. I'll admit that we (chattycakes) aren't pros at making pies. We're cake people. BUT...I am a PRO at tasting/eating them and know the difference between a good pie and all the others. (Ellan here; Ella is not so much a pie lover).

GOOD pies are very hard to find. I know a good pie because I had a grandmother who was an excellent pie baker and a mother who was so proud of her "crust" with pies. And isn't getting the crust right three-fourths of good pie baking?

Why did the baker go to the bank? To get some dough for his pies.

I've tried all the recommendations of where to buy a good pie and none pass the test. They didn't have a good crust--soggy, chewy, not flavorful, and some pie fillings sank so far, it was nothing more than a pop tart.

I'm sure there are excellent bakers out there that know the secrets for making a good pies. Please share if you will, your best tips, tricks, techniques, and recipes. We all will thank you!


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My grandmother was also good at making pie. She shared this crust recipe with me.

3 cups of all purpose flour

1 cup of crisco ( you can use real butter if you prefer, never margarine!

1 teas salt

Blend together with fork or pastry cutter until crumbly. Set aside.

Next, whisk together,

1/2 cup cup ice cold water

1 egg yolk ( save the white to brush the rim of one-crust or top and rim of 2-crust pie.)

1 teas white vinegar, ( can also use apple cider vinegar.)

Slowly add wet ingredients together until soft dough forms. ( Don’t over-mix as it will make the dough tough. You may not need all the liquid, it depends on the…

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